Hunter Makes Muy Grande Deer History

Marko Barrett of San Antonio made Muy Grande Deer Contest history with this record breaking Webb County buck entered in the All-Around Men's Division.  The deer scored about 273 gross B&C points with 34 points and a 25 1/2-inch spread. The buck was still in velvet when it was harvested off his 4,000 acre, high-fenced ranch under a Managed Lands Deer Permit.  The deer was harvested via rifle from a brush blind at about 120 yards. On his website, Barrett describes the deer as a 7 year old that he had been watching for years.  This year, the ranch received "56 inches of rain and counting" which pushed this deer well over his historical best score.  Barrett thinks that he will score somewhere in the 270's when "he is stripped of velvet and dry".  Barrett describes the ranch's management program as an "all native deer" operation with no breeding.  They feed protein year-round and "use multiple feeders so the dominant buck won't keep the others from the feed." Barrett says things have been crazy since he shot the buck with all of the emails and phone calls.  However, that is what "buck fever" is all about.


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