Camps that teach kids about Hunting and the outdoors are here in Texas

I never went to camp.  My parents never really encouraged it - probably because my dad did not like his camp experience as a young man.   The letters to my grandparents could have been used as a script for  Alan Sherman's famous Camp Granda song.  But, if they had a camp like Outdoor Texas Camp I might have broke with tradition.   Offering camp sessions for both hunting and fishing, these camps are backed by the Christian Outdoor Alliance and offer both boys and girls hands on experience with trained instructors.  Doug Pike recently wrote about this in an article in the Houston Chronicle. It probably should go without saying that parents who enjoy the outdoors, usually have introuduced their children to the wonders afield.  But, with urbanization and population concentrations limiting kids opportunities to get out, camps like this one can go along way to preserving our sporting heritage here in Texas.  I am definately going to tell my kids about the Outdoor Texas Camp, all while wishing I were a kid again.  Maybe they need some more instructor help?  You never know!


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