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The $48 Dollar Lease

Public Lands Permits from the State of Texas may be the best deal going.  For hunters that is.  This map of public and private land hunts shows just how many opportunities there are to hunt across the state.  Nearly one million acres is available to hunters and their families year round.  Here the things you need to know:


Reloading - Is It For Me?

With the cost of ammo going up and not likely to come down anytime soon, it may be time to seriously consider reloading your own.

Sandhill Crane Recipe

Some just cook it like a ribeye steak, but here is a recipe that everyone (even the kids) will enjoy. Its Sandhill K-bobs!

A Tale of Javelina, Dogs and Quail

“That’s not good”, I thought to myself as the young female pointer ran after a herd of javelina into the South Texas brush.

Like Big Game Hunting? How About Some With Fins?

Texas is blessed with 262,000 square miles of land that boasts some of the world’s greatest hunting opportunities. Hunters from all over the country and the world converge on Texas every year for all sorts of winged and four-legged game to hunt. But, with 367 miles of coastline that boarders 600,000 square miles of ocean known as the Gulf of Mexico, there are other big game targets to look for as well - and they have fins! These aquatic trophies may not have the horns, but they can lead to “big bucks” - the green kind.

Free Shooting Range Targets

Going to the gun range? How about some free targets to shoot at?

A Tale of Two Does

Its not every day that you get a chance to shoot two deer, and because I was able to do so this day, it sets up this story’s comparison to make a point. Shot placement matters, and here is why.

The Anatomy of a Successful White Tail Deer Bow Hunt

Quality deer management does not just occur by chance. Good hunters know that preparation, scouting and patience are just the first ingrediants before proper selection. Recently, a member took this buck out of his deer population in and was kind enough to tell the story which we have included here.

Wind Farms, Land Owners and Hunters Must Learn to Co-Exist

Wind farms, land owners and hunters must learn to co-exist.

Hunter Makes Muy Grande Deer History

Hunter makes Muy Grande Deer history with a 270+ B&C Buck


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