Lease Wanted

Family Hunting Lease Yearly

Updated : 03/22/2019
Price :
I am looking for a family lease around Davy Crockett National Forest or Sam Houston National Forest for a yearly lease. I am 60 years old Ex-Military - I have my wife and my son that will ocassionaly...
Bow hunter

Updated : 01/21/2019
Price :
Looking for 80-100  acres for one hunter . No guests ok. $25.00-$35.00 acre. Electric and water. 
Close friends looking for a family place

Updated : 01/22/2018
Price :
Myself and life long friends are looking for a long term lease that is family minded. Veteran and current law enforcement employed. Very management minded and love to grow big deer. Willing to...
Group of 4-6 management minded hunters searching for 2018 Lease

Updated : 02/15/2018
Price :
I am searching for a lease within 4 hours of Houston with available water/electricity. I can supply 4-6 hunters depending on lease size. Would like if guests, kids, and dogs are allowed at property.
Group of 11 looking for long term NE Texas deer lease

Updated : 11/19/2017
Price :
Our group of adults have been hunting together for almost 50 years and have spent many years hunting in south Texas and the panhandle on MLD properties. We are now looking for something within 2...
2016-2017 Lease wanted

Updated : 02/11/2016
Price :
Looking to for a Family oriented year round lease for the 2016 season and hopefully longer. 2-5 members. Electricity is a plus but doesn't have to have it. We are all management minded, really...
2018 Lease wanted

Updated : 07/19/2018
Price :
Group of hunters (2 to 4) looking for a year round lease in West Texas. We have hunted together for the past 20+ years who recently lost their lease due to sale of the property. Looking for 100 +...
2019 Hill Country deer lease wanted

Updated : 12/17/2018
Price :
Please contact Billy Raines @281 961 9234 or Rodger Medina@ 832 647 0976 with any potential Hill Countrydeer leases.We will pay three thousand a gun for 5 hunters. References available. Thank you...

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