3 Army Veterans searching for family lease

Asking Price: 
$2 500.00

My Uncle, my cousin, & myself are looking for a family friendly year around lease. We are very management minded. We are not trophy hunters and care more about spending time in the woods and fellowship with each other. We have been on the same lease since about 1990. The land owners continue to add goats & sheep which is making the deer population decrease while they continue to increase the price each year. All 3 of us have newer model travel trailers. We also have our own deer stands and feeders. All 3 of us are also U.S.. Army Veterans. My uncle graduated from Texas A&M and served in the Corp of Cadets before becoming a commissioned office and achieving the rank of Captain. My cousin Chris and myself were both Sargent in the Army and both have two combat tours to Iraq. Charlie is married with 3 kids (which Chris is one of them). Chris is married with two girls. I am married with 3 boys & 2 girls. We would prefer something west of DFW or in the hill country. We would like to keep the drive under 4 hours from DFW.

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