5 Reasons Why Every Hunter Should Have a Hunting Dog

1.       Dogs have superpowers that come in the form of innate hunting, tracking, and pointing abilities. Their hearing is almost quadruple the amount of sound frequency humans hear. Their sense of smell is also unbeatable, as dogs are able to sniff out scents over 10,000 times acutely compared to humans. These sensory advantages are a must-have while on the hunt.

2.       Retrieving dogs are a huge bonus when it comes to waterfowl hunting. Forget plodding back and forth between the blind and the kill—retriever breeds, such as Labradors and Chesapeake Bays, are born and bred to see, track, and fetch birds in water.

3.       Tracking an animal is a difficult game. If the tracks fade out, or the blood trail stops, the chances of you finding a target begin to drop. But wait! The super sensitive sniffer of man’s best friend can detect even the faintest whiff of blood. Some popular tracking breeds include bloodhounds and beagles.

4.       When hunting land birds such as quail or pheasant, silence is needed. Spooking the birds too soon, or scaring them away even before you load your gun, leads to a disappointing hunting trip. Spaniels, such as the Boykin and Brittany, are small and silent enough to chase out the fowl on command—hello, successful hunting!

5.       Though they work the fields with natural talent, dogs also require affection and attention. Most hunting breeds are phenomenal family dogs, having the exuberance to match a three year-old or the gentleness in their eyes that draw people in. Dogs are great examples of what responsibility, love, and loyalty can do. 

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