South Texas Whitetail lease
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 05/26/2015
Price : $6,500.00 per gun
This is a high fence,south Texas trophy ranch.  It has been managed for over twenty years.  Most members have been on the lease atleast 10 years.  We are looking for one long term member to fit in...
2500 acre MLD Ranch
United States
Updated : 05/26/2015
Price : $50,000.00 per lease
2500 acres in Mills County. This will be 4 pastures within a 10,000 acre C Bar Ranch. Excellent hunting. Deer, turkey, hogs, dove and ducks. Heavy to moderate cover, rolling terrain. Well watered....
Throckmorton County 2Hr.DFW
United States
Updated : 05/25/2015
Price : $1,800.00 per gun
This Is A (Mixed Group) Family Lease there are other Hunters Still On Property But Lots Of Good hunting Area's Available .We Have Management Guideline And other Rules Set In Place To Make Lease Safe...
201 Acres in Cherokee County
United States
Updated : 05/25/2015
Price : $900.00 per gun
Need 1 hunter for a 201 acre hunting lease in Cherokee County. Deer and hogs. There are only 2 hunters total on this lease. Must furnish own blind and feeder. No ATV's. No camping. No drinking,...
Bent Barrel
United States
Updated : 05/22/2015
Price : $1,250.00 per gun
House is located 20 minets from lease With Elect. Water, Gas, Full Kitchen, Beds, Freezers, Skinnine Rack,and HD TV Lease has a pond and several creek bottons  With Hardwoods. On a hillside with...
83 Hunting Club
United States
Updated : 05/20/2015
Price : $1,500.00 per gun
This property is regular East Texas Piney Woods.  I have had this property for 9 years.  We have been very selective in the harvest of mature bucks.  There are several 130 class deer killed each year...
South Texas Deer Lease
United States
Updated : 05/19/2015
Price : $9,000.00 per lease
The lease is located in south Texas. No water or electricity. One good size pond. Four other leases  around that lease are managed as 8 points or above , for many years now so some good eights have...
Whitetail Trophy and Meat Hunt Junction area
United States
Updated : 05/18/2015
Price : $1,800.00 per hunt
Be the first and only 2 guns to hunt this ranch for the 2016 general rifle season. Exclusive three day hunt for 2 hunters during 2016-2017 season on this beautiful Hill Country family ranch. Game...
Large Ranch For Lease Near Del Rio
United States
Updated : 05/15/2015
Price : $50,000.00 per lease
10,000 acres for lease near Del Rio, Tx. The ranch has been on a management plan for the last 10 years and has produced 150+ class deer on average. Protein fed and corn fed year round with blinds and...
DFW Corporate High Fence/Waterfowl Lease
United States
Updated : 05/14/2015
Price : $1.00 per lease
Looking for options to improve my 240 acre property within a 45 minute drive from the Dallas area. I am still in my planning stage. I would like to find a company or individual that wants to lease my...


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