Sandhill Crane Recipe

If you ever are as fortunate as I was to shoot a Sandhill Crane while on a duck or goose hunt, you are in for a treat. Sandhills are fairly common in Texas during the winter migratory season. However, they are not prone to forage in the same exact habitat as most of their waterfowl brethren. Thus, getting one on your game strap is a rarity if not hunting for them on purpose.

Often referred to as the "rib-eyes of the skies", Sandhill cranes offer a very flavorful and thick breast for the table. Some just cook it like a rib-eye steak, but here is a recipe that everyone (even the kids) will enjoy. Its Sandhill K-bobs!

Ingredients: Sandhill Crane breasts 1 Can of ring pineapple 1 bottle of Worcestershire Sauce 2 Bell Pepper 1 Onion 1 Pack of whole mushrooms 1 Tbsp of minced garlic Salt, pepper & Tony Chachere's seasonings First, breast out the bird from the breast bone and thoroughly clean accordingly. Once washed, slice the breasts in 1", or slightly larger, pieces so that they will fit on a skewer. Place them in a container (that can be sealed). Open can of pineapple and pour the juice over the breast pieces. Save the pineapple rings in the refrigerator for grilling. In an approximately equal amount to the pineapple juice, pour in the Worcestershire Sauce. Add garlic (if desired). Place the sealed container in the refrigerator and let marinate for 12 or more hours. When ready to grill, cut up vegetables and skewer them k-bob style. I alternate each piece of breast meat with a different vegetable or pineapple piece. Grill until fully cooked with a warm red center. Lightly season with Tony Chacere's to taste. Enjoy!

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