Calling the Hogs: 7 Essential Arkansas Hog Hunting Tips for Beginners

Have you been contemplating a hog hunt in your near future? Whether you have pesky hogs invading your property or are looking for meat to store away, you'll need to be up to speed with the latest hog hunting tips. Why is knowing these tips so important?

Well, a hog hunt can be a bit of a challenge. These animals are smart creatures and you'd be surprised at how well they can scurry away from you, even after being hit! Having good hog hunting knowledge in your back pocket is the best way to ensure that you get the job done right the first time with as much ease as possible. 

Are you up for the challenge? It's time to understand a couple of tips and tricks when it comes to hog hunting. Once you have these down pact, then you can begin your hunt!

1. Choose the Right Firearm

When deciding to go hog hunting, you'll need to ensure that you have the right type of firearm. Keep in mind that hog hunting isn't like deer hunting. It's a very different type of hunt and one single shot to the hog isn't going to bring it down in most cases.

The only reason why a single shot would bring the hog down is if the shot was taken perfectly and you hit the hog directly in the heart. Otherwise, you should prepare for the hog to fight back. Because the hogs can become so aggressive, you want to use a high-powered, multi-shot rifle. 

You can also consider using a shotgun with a choke. This will provide you with a tight pattern, which will help you in taking the hog down.

2. Choose the Right Ammo

Your next step is to choose the right type of ammo. At this point, you're most likely well aware that taking down the hog isn't an easy thing to do. With that being said, high-velocity ammo is the best way to go.

Choose bullets that can really pack a punch and that are hard-cast and hollow-point. 

3. Locate Their Trails

Fortunately for you, hog signs are unmistakable. And in most cases, hogs will use trails that are already heavily used. Be on the lookout for sandy trails with lots of hog tracks in them.

If you find one, you'll probably notice that there's a lot of tracks on one trail. Also, keep in mind that hogs will use their snouts to search for food. And because they drag their snouts on the ground, this will leave a trail as well. 

4. Use Their Territorial Traits Against Them

Hogs in the wild are aggressive and enjoy getting into fights. This is one of the reasons why you have to be so cautious in the firearm and ammo that you choose when hunting these creatures. But, there's an upside to this aggressive nature as well. 

You can use their territorial traits against them. A hog is so territorial that it'll respond better to a hog call better than any other wild animal. When hunting, if you see a hog hiding behind bushes, or if you think there's one nearby but can't spot it, use your hog call. 

It'll come out faster than you think.

5. Use Hog Calls

As briefly stated above, using hog calls is a great way to get a hog out in the open. However, do keep in mind that because these animals are so aggressive, you'll want to keep a safe distance from it when deciding to make the call. Use predator sounds in short bursts to get the hog's attention.

Remember to send them from a downwind position. The hog will most likely remove itself from its cover and begin to charge. You can also have a recording of piglets in distress and play that to get the hog's attention. 

The hog will become defensive, believing that offspring are in danger, and will ultimately out into the open. 

6. Consider Hunting at Night

Over the years, hog hunting has become more and more popular. With this rise in popularity, the hogs have shifted their own behaviors to keep themselves from being hunted. One of the ways that hogs have changed their behaviors is by coming out during the nighttime. 

Because of this, one of the best times to hunt hogs is at night while their feeding. Do keep in mind, however, that'll you'll need some good hog hunting equipment for nighttime hunting. An excellent light is a good starting place. 

7. Have Good Shot Placement

Once you see a hog and are ready to shoot it, you'll need to have a good shot placement if you want to take it down on your first try. You don't want to shoot a wild hog as you would shoot a wild deer. The vitals on a hog are much lower than a deer's and more towards the front of their bodies. 

For an effective shot, aim for behind the ears, through both front shoulders, and aim down low. 

Keep These Hog Hunting Tips in Mind!

When you're planning on going on a wild hog chase, be sure to keep these hog hunting tips in mind. Hogs are smart and aggressive animals so you want to hunt with caution and skills on your side. Knowing these tips is a great start to doing just that!

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