The quail populations have been so low the past two years that I’m now hunting with my two Setters and a camera. I can’t bear to pull the trigger with numbers so low but I’m not giving up on being able to hunt quail again in the Rolling Plains of Texas. I am retired and live and hunt in Montana and Texas.
My wife, a couple of friends,  and I have one lease and looking for a couple more quail leases on properties that provide excellent quail habitat that provide great quail hunting during good quail population years. We understand that we have to take the bad years with the good.
-Looking exceptional 5,000+ acre leases.
-We will not guide, outfit, group hunt, or hold corporate hunts on your property. 
-Lease will only be used by a small number of conservation minded hunters and their families and guests.
-No hunting from ATV, trucks, etc. - all hunters are foot hunters
In general, we are a group of experienced bird hunters who will treat your land in a respectful way and according to your rules and priorities.
Looking for leases for 2020 and beyond in the following counties: Callahan, Coke, Coleman, Fisher, Jones, Koch, Mitchel, Scurry, Shackelford, and Taylor (or nearby).
Call or text Clay at 406-599-1250 or email me at burrsinmyears@gmail.com
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