Looking for a long term year-round lease


A group of 3-4 experienced hunters looking for a long term lease. In times like these, I am sure many hunters will be forced to vacate their leases due to an unexpected economic downturn nationwide. My group and I are in professions that are classified "essential" and likely will not be financially impacted by the current virus situation. We are located in the Houston area and have to vacate our current lease near Junction, Texas, as the landowner has been forced to sell the property. We are excellent stewards of the land, we are very selective and able to age deer "on the hoof". and we are looking for year-round acess to fill feeders, maintain camp, and hunt hogs. Additionally, we have all of our own "top of the line" equipement and housing. However, we do require electricity and water on site. If you find you are unexpectedly losing your hunters because of the impact of the virus, contact us. We are very responsible people. tmurnane2003@yahoo.com

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