Responsible hunters looking for small place to manage

Asking Price: 
$12 000.00
361 215 5028

Group of responsible hunters looking for the right piece of property to help manage and care for. We have been on a long term lease in South Texas for the past 15 years with an excellent landowner. However he is in the process of handing the ranch down to his children and we will not be able to stay as the property is going to be split up into three pieces. Our current lease is 2000 acres, high fence. We maintained the fences, roads, rights of way and all game management responsibilities. I am looking for a smaller piece of land, hopefully 1000 acres or less to assist with. We are all mature adults with the ability to judge deer and age deer appropriately. We have only shot cull bucks, does as necessary, and older management bucks for the past 15 years. We are not meat hunters. We typically take 2 deer apiece with a hog if available.  We merely want a place to help manage, take care of, and watch the deer grow.

Our current landowner will surely give an excellent reference. If asked, I will provide him a "heads up" and provide you with his contact information.

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