I’m searching for one or two exceptional quail hunting leases in the Rolling Plains of Texas.  I’m only interested in a ranch that could provide exceptional quail hunting during years with good quail populations.

My name is Clay Hall.  I’m a retired business owner who splits his time between Montana and the Hill Country of Texas.  I have two English Setters and have been bird hunting  for 22 years. 

Over the past two years I toured 20+ ranches in Texas to find just one that I considered to be exceptional for quail hunting.  The ranch I found and leased is a 20,000 acre ranch in Fisher County and is operated by an exceptionally conservation minded rancher who is also a very productive and successful cattle rancher.  He also does everything he can to eliminate erosion and noxious weeds that come from overgrazing, which also benefits quail populations by providing needed breeding and nesting cover. 

I know you must think I’m being very picky.  I am.  But here are some reasons that I am an exceptional lessee:

1.    This lease will be for private and family hunters only and will never be used by an outfitter or any other paid or corporate hunting.

2.    Only foot hunting will be allowed.  No hunting from ATVs.

3.    Hunters on the lease are conservation minded people who care more about partnering with their dogs than getting a limit of quail.  Shooting out coveys is prohibited. 

4.    Only a small group of hunters and their guests will be allowed to hunt.  As an example, on my 20,000 hunting lease in Fisher County, there are only 4 hunters, including myself. 3 of us are from out of state and will probably hunt the property a total of 2 or 3 weeks a season. While most ranches of this size limit the number of quail hunters to 10 or 12, I limit access to just 6 hunters (3 lessees who can each bring 1 guest plus me)

5.    I will vet and manage the other hunters so you don’t have to. I can provide references from ranchers and farmers if desired. 

6.    You set the rules and the only changes I might make would be be more restrictive (for the hunter).... not less. 

7.    I have 20+ years experience of successfully working with ranchers and farmers in Texas and Montana who want hunters on their property who will respect the fact that their hunting on your land is a privilege and a revocable right.  I insist that they respect your and my rules while realizing that hunting is not your primary source of ranch income.  It’s up to hunters to respect your land and stay out of they way of your ranching activities. 

Sorry to put you through such a lengthy description.  I did so knowing that you don’t need or want to invest time in a phone discussion with someone who’s not a good prospect for you.  On the other hand if you think there’s a good match, let’s talk.

Contact Clay at burrsinmyears@gmail.com

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