Whitetail Deer

United States
Updated : 06/09/2020
Price : $3,750.00 per gun
4000 plus ac.lease year round..Immediate family and one guest  is allowed per gun. Each hunter is required to feed protein to his or her spot during horn growth months and corn year round.Payed...
RJ Ranch's
United States
Updated : 06/08/2020
Price : $2,750.00 per hunt
This lease is in Mt Home Tx we have Axis deer Blackbuck antelope as well as lots of Really good whitetails these are package hunts with lodging . We are going to have some really really good...
Shepherd Ranch
United States
Updated : 06/08/2020
Price : $1,250.00 per lease
350 acres of heavy brush with 2 tanks & creek.  Electric hookups availuble. Hogs, turkey, and white tail deer game.  Located 5 miles from Florence, Texas. 
Year round hunting lease Big Lake, Texas
United States
Updated : 07/12/2020
Price : $2,400.00 per gun
Just West of Big Lake, Texas. 3820 acres. All inside ONE FENCE. RV area with Water and electric available. This pasture is for 8 members total. Spouse and chidren "STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL OR YOUNGER" ...
Blue Goose Ranch
United States
Updated : 06/02/2020
Price : $3,700.00 per gun
BLUE GOOSE RANCH :  We are looking for 4 members to join our group. We have 8,000 acres in Knox and Foard county. 30+ blinds and feeders up and feeding year round. Been feeding protein for the last 8...
Whitetail deer and Exotics
United States
Updated : 05/24/2020
Price : $4,500.00 per gun
3000 acres, live creek, game managed whitetail deer lease with Axis, Blackbuck, Aoudad and predators.  Looking for small # of hunters to hunt during the general whitetail season starting in November...
Webb Co. 8385 acres
United States
Updated : 05/23/2020
Price : $8,300.00 per gun
8385 acres in Webb county . 10 gun lease . Need 1 management minded hunters . Best deer taken so far 202 in 2011 . Since then we've taken 188 , 179 , 175 , 175 , 174 , 173 , around 5 in the 160s ....
San Saba Ranch
United States
Updated : 05/18/2020
Price : $40,000.00 per lease
  Beautiful wildlife managed property for white tailed deer. Since 2003- high fenced ranch offers a private entrance to a A/C camphouse with 3 bed 3 bath (sleeps 12). washer and dryer- electric,water...
Get isolated in the GREAT OUTDOORS! All purpose year round hunting on this 9000 acre Kinney County Ranch, MLD managed for past 7 years,
United States
Updated : 07/06/2020
Price : $11,500.00 per gun
Get back into the wild!   Only a few spots left, It was six, then four and now two !!   Great place for family, friends. Lots of varied terrain from Hill Country type hills and draws to South...
Trophy Whitetail on 9000 acres of Kinney County
United States
Updated : 07/06/2020
Price : $11,500.00 per gun
Filling up fast!!! We are looking for Six four ( three) (two) members for this fabulous family style ranch and lease that is totally turnkey. Just bring your vehicle and you are ready to hunt. All...


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