Whitetail Deer

Shepherd Ranch
United States
Updated : 07/26/2019
Price : $1,250.00 per lease
300 acres on one side of FM2843 w heavy cedar,  2 stands open on S side,  1 stand open on N side w heavy cedar.  Has  two tanks and creek,  Dove hunting also.
Whitetail Deer Lease
United States
Updated : 07/30/2019
Price : $23,500.00 per lease
Year round lease on 1825 acres. Whitetail, axis, other exotics, hogs, turkey, quail, varmints. Several Waterholes on dry creek. Boundary fence is high fenced on two sides and low fence on the balance...
East Texas Hunting Lease
United States
Updated : 07/29/2019
Price : $1,717.00 per gun
We are looking for a couple of humters to join our lease in East Texas.  The lease spans across Trinity and Polk County. There is electricity at the camp.  This is a paper company lease.  You will...
1000 acre lease in Schliecher County
United States
Updated : 07/11/2019
Price : $15,000.00 per lease
United States
Updated : 07/10/2019
Price : $60,000.00 per lease
Deer and other game. White-tailed deer, Mule Deer, Quail, Feral hogs and more. Seeking seasonal or year-round lessees. Up to 14,000 acres, $4.25 per acre. Small cabin and water and electricity...
2500 Family lease south of Brackettville
United States
Updated : 08/05/2019
Price : $7,500.00 per gun
2500 acres family lease south of Brackettville, TX. There is a 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home that sleeps 9 people as well as trailer hookups for 2 additional trailers. We have good turkey and deer. A...
Concho County HF MLD Deer Lease - 2 spots
United States
Updated : 07/03/2019
Price : $3,762.50 per gun
3,400 acres under one high fence and I have the northern 2,200 of them (landowner keeps the other 1,200). All native genetics. It's been HF for 5 years and this is my 4th year on the place. It's in...
Bibb Ranch
United States
Updated : 06/30/2019
Price : $250.00 per gun
Deer Hunts in Brown and Runnels County Texas. Blinds and feeders. Camping available. Deer, hog, and turkey. 
Deer, Hogs, and Dove
United States
Updated : 11/22/2019
Price : $5,000.00 per lease
350 AC Season Hunting Lease.  Deer, Hogs, and Doves.  Great place to share with your family and friemds.  A  place to hunt and enjoy the outdoors for a year Tanks and Game fields  
Whitetail deer and wild hog lease
United States
Updated : 08/28/2019
Price : $1,000.00 per gun
Several tracts of land available.  Accomodates 2 guns up to 4 guns per tract of land with 4 spots available as of now.  Several tracts of land approx. 7 miles south of Henderson, Texas.  Range from...


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