Axis Deer

axis buck hunt
United States
Updated : 04/21/2014
Price : $1,500.00 per hunt
High or low fence available, lodging guided all game care done for you. $500 deposit at the end of the hunt after you've taken your animal pay the remainder. Great bucks this year. Have lots more...
Trophy Whitetail and Exotics
United States
Updated : 04/22/2014
Price : $250.00 per hunt
Day or weekend hunts for up for up to four hunters in beautiful high fenced ranch near Santa Anna, Texas.  Trophy axis, blackbucks, turkey and whitetail deer are available.  Spring turkey season 2014...
Whitetail & Exotic Animal Hunts
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 04/08/2014
Price : $10.00 per hunt
Exotic Meat Hunts 2013 Rifle Hunts Only Axis Deer Does           $575.00 Black Buck Does         $470.00 Elk Cows – Large        $1,200.00 Elk Cows – Small        $1,000.00 Elk Spikes – Culls...
Archery exotic hunts
United States
Updated : 03/26/2014
Price : $500.00 per hunt
1100 acres high fenced, with a great lodge and intensely managed now booking archery exotic hunts year round.  Package is 500.00 for two days hunting per hunter.  Lodging included.  Additional days...
axis hunts
United States
Updated : 03/17/2014
Price : $500.00 per hunt
Weekend style hunt, mostly from blinds some spot stalk. $1500 for axis buck if 34" or bigger extra $250, $500 for doe hunt to shoot a few. Don't get a shot don't pay full price but doesn't happen...
Seasonal Hunting Lease
United States
Updated : 02/28/2014
Price : $90,000.00 per lease
Seeking management minded company for an 8,000 acre seasonal lease in Schleicher County, Texas. The ranch is under an intense management plan, MLD Level 3 that is producing trophy whitetails harvest...
Texas Whitetail Meat Hunts
United States
Updated : 03/11/2014
Price : $1,400.00 per hunt
Meat Hunt in Central Texas. 2 Meat Animals- (Mix between whitetail does, whitetail cull bucks, or blackbuck does). Also includes 1 wild pig. Guides choice on animals to take. 2 day hunt. 1x1fully...
Central Texas Trophy Whitetail Hunts
United States
Updated : 03/11/2014
Price : $4,250.00 per hunt
Whitetail Hunts in Central Texas. All Inclusive Packages.   Bronze- up to 129 gross score Silver- 130-159 gross score Gold- 160-199 gross score Platinum 200+ gross score Meat hunts also available.  ...
Central Texas Exotic Hunts- Axis, Blackbuck, Iranian Red Sheep, Fallow
United States
Updated : 03/11/2014
Price : $2,100.00 per hunt
Central Texas Exotic Hunts for Blackbuck, Axis, Iranian Red Sheep, and Fallow. All inclusive Packages. More than 65% repeat hunters the past 4 seasons.  
2000 AC Edwards County
United States
Updated : 04/07/2014
Price : $40,000.00 per lease
2000AC in Edwards County with cabin.  12 one ton feeders provided. Managed for last 15 years. MLD 3.


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