Mule Deer

32000 acre Trophy Mule Deer Lease, Trophy Aoudad included during Mule Deer Season
United States
Updated : 07/21/2015
Price : $30,000.00 per lease
32000 acres at less than $1 per acre.  Very wild and rugged country with some big deer (at least one that was 200+").  Low to moderate deer density and protein feeding allows a few of the bucks to...
RX Hunting lease
United States
Updated : 07/14/2015
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
2900 ac.good roads,plenty game,good water,lot of cover,open ground,600 ac.wheat fields,year around feeding,12 10 stands around lease.Camp site has underground utilities with some storage.It is...
Owens Ranch
United States
Updated : 07/10/2015
Price : $2,000.00 per gun
2,043 acres for 4 guns 9 miles SW of Barnhart, Texas.   Game managed for 12 years.  Electric, sewer and water hookups for travel trailers provided.  Flat terrain with mesquite and brush.  Family and...
Pecos County Ranch
United States
Updated : 06/24/2015
Price : $20,000.00 per lease
6200 Acres in Pecos County, Texas.  Excellent Mule Deer and White Tail hunting for 8 hunters.  Ranch is under the TPW MLDP for Mule Deer.  Ranch has been been actively managed for 7 years and feeds...
Childress Lease
United States
Updated : 05/27/2015
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
This lease is in southern childress county. The ranch has multiple lakes and ponds along with 2 creeks. The game is about 75 percent while taille and 25 percent mule deer with a medium size hog...
Annual, 2015 Corporate/Family Lease. 2 Bedroom House, 3 Cabins on 1280 Acres.
United States
Updated : 06/16/2015
Price : $30,000.00 per lease
Great place for a corporate/executive getaway or a family/group to comfortably hunt and have fun in the west Texas outdoors. All the comforts of home, in a rugged, remote setting.  2 square miles of...
Large Ranch For Lease Near Del Rio
United States
Updated : 05/15/2015
Price : $50,000.00 per lease
10,000 acres for lease near Del Rio, Tx. The ranch has been on a management plan for the last 10 years and has produced 150+ class deer on average. Protein fed and corn fed year round with blinds and...
Seasonal Deer Lease
United States
Updated : 07/22/2015
Price : $13,000.00 per lease
Family owned ranch 25 miles west of Ozona just south of I-10.  2,221 acres for 7 hunters along Live Oak Creek, the pasture contains low flat creek bottom and rises up 400 feet to the flat caprock top...
Ozona Deer Lease
United States
Updated : 06/06/2015
Price : $2,000.00 per gun
Under New Management Plan  Crockett County, 25 mi NW of Ozona, TX. .Mesquite & cedar scrub, live oak trees line the Bill West Draw.   3.022 acres, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Turkey, Javelina,...
Hunting Lodge
United States
Updated : 03/21/2015
Price : $1,500.00 per hunt
We offer 15,000 acres of high and low fence hunting. A newly constructed 4,800 square foot hunting lodge. We offer fully guided, and semi guided hunts for hogs, deer and exotic hunting. We also have...


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