Mule Deer

Trophy Deer Lease
United States
Updated : 08/13/2014
Price : $2,000.00 per gun
Quality deer lease looking for 4 members.  Trophy whitetail and mule deer. 
Crockett County Deer Lease
United States
Updated : 08/12/2014
Price : $15,000.00 per lease
This lease is part of a family owned ranch 25 miles west of Ozona just south of I-10 and encompasses flat creek bottom with canyons rising up 300 feet in elevation to the flat caprock.  Live Oak...
Cottonwood Ranch
United States
Updated : 08/11/2014
Price : $22,000.00 per lease
2,200 acres of rugged ranch country in the breaks of the Peas River watershed.  Tops are typical Texas pasture land with lots of mesquite trees.  Bottoms are a mixture of typical pastureland, tree-...
West Texas Yr Round Lease
United States
Updated : 08/09/2014
Price : $2,750.00 per gun
The lease is on 11,000 acres in Terrell county, 34 miles north of Sanderson.  Rolling hills, rough to semi-rough terrain.  Plenty of deer & other wildlife!  Two hunting camps with multi RV...
Whitetails & Mule Deer: 1,280 acres in Terrell County w Comfortable Lodging.
United States
Updated : 08/16/2014
Price : $2,500.00 per gun
         1,28O Acres, 2 square miles of canyons and mesquite cover. Property is located miles off any paved road. Need to see to appreciate. Lodging has electricity, hot and cold running water,...
United States
Updated : 07/12/2014
Price : $23,000.00 per lease
This is a beautiful 3,500 acre ranch on the Eastern edge of the Caprock, near the Canyon Lands State Park. It has a lot of elevation change with canyons, draws, ridges, native pasture, some CRP and...
Kent County Annual Lease
United States
Updated : 07/08/2014
Price : $5.00 per lease
 Trophy Whitetail Lease AVAILABLE with a long term leasing opportunity.FEATURED HIGHLIGHTS: ·       *LOCATED IN KENT COUNTY, TX; ·        *ENROLLED IN THE TP&W MLD3 MANAGEMENT PROGRAM...
United States
Updated : 07/02/2014
Price : $5.00 per lease
We have a great trophy whitetail hunting lease available, with long term lease opportunity for the right party. This fantastic ranch has many  great features including the following: * LOCATED NEAR...
United States
Updated : 07/02/2014
Price : $5.00 per lease
·        Approximately 8,000 prime acres that is divided by the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River; ·        Awesome rugged terrain and habitat; ·        High vistas, canyons, and grass lands...
Texas Panhandle Deer
United States
Updated : 07/01/2014
Price : $1,500.00 per gun
This is a guided hunt in the Texas Panhandle that includes meals and lodging.  Hunting areas vary from playa lake botttoms to rough canyon country.  Cost of hunt is $1500 per person for a 3 day hunt...


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