Reduced price - 671 acres Uvalde SPRING TURKEY & GAME LEASE -
United States
Updated : 01/28/2019
Price : $4,500.00 per lease
671 Acre ranch fifteen minutes west of Uvalde right on Hwy 90, fanstastic spot. Lease is from March 01 - April 28, 2019. This is basically one very long package hunt. Blinds, feeders, corn, will...
Whitetails & Exotics on managed property
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 02/02/2019
Price : $4,000.00 per lease
Game managed property. Game includes 3 bucks, 2 does, 4 turkey, multiple Axis, 1 aoudad, unlimited hogs & predators. 3105 acres mostly low fenced (on 3 sides) with live creek running through the...
Concan Area Deer & Quail Lease
United States
Updated : 09/15/2018
Price : $3,000.00 per lease
  Looking for an ethical Hunter to fill an unexpected vacancy on Uvalde Co. Deer Lease   Best Quail Crop in 20 years and considering the fact that none of our 30 members actually hunt Quail, you...

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