Women Hunters

Women hunters are growing in number and many companies are marketing to them. Women's Outdoor clothing, women's hunting apparel and specialized women's hunts are a major part of the hunting industry.

 LeaseHunter is dedicated to promoting the tradition of hunting among women. The future of hunting and our second amendment rights are very dependent on women and should be promoted and embraced by all in the hunting community.

NRA Women's Programs Page

Most Influential Female Hunters in North America

Top Women Hunters - As seen in Outdoor Life magazine

"Rifles and cartridges for smaller hunters" - article by Chuckhawks.com

Etsy - Woman Hunting  Page

Hottest Women's Hunting Clothes from SHOT

Shooting for Women Alliance

Texas Parks & Wildlife: Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Popularity of Hunting is Soaring With Girls, Women - Dallas Morning News

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors

Armed and Female

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