14000 acre lease Galvan Webb county low fence
United States
Updated : 02/18/2020
Price : $9,950.00 per gun
  14000 acre pasture low fence on the Galvan Ranch just outside of Encinal Texas off Highway 83.  Our pasture is MLD 3 and has been highly manged and protein fed for 20 years.  We have a ranch...
Throckmorton Throphy Hunting Lease
United States
Updated : 02/15/2020
Price : $3,000.00 per gun
HUNTING SEASON IS HERE DON'T MISS OUT !!!!!! Year Around Lease Need ((( 6 ))) hunters To Fill! Wife and Children Can Hunt But count As Your Harvest. " NO OTHER GUEST ALLOWED ON...
Family Ranch , Brackettville, Texas Kinney County
United States
Updated : 02/14/2020
Price : $11.50 per lease
  2500 Family lease south of Brackettville | Kinney County, Bobcat, Coyote, Javelina, Quail, Rabbit, Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Archery, Rifles, Shotguns, Brush, Close to Town, Electricity, High Fence,...
RJ Ranch's
United States
Updated : 02/21/2020
Price : $2,750.00 per hunt
This lease is in Mt Home Tx we have Axis deer Blackbuck antelope as well as lots of Really good whitetails these are package hunts with lodging . We are going to have some really really good...
T Ranch 1 Slot
United States
Updated : 02/05/2020
Price : $3,400.00 per gun
Looking for one hunter to join a group of 5 management hunters on 1200 acres. Cottonseed and protein feeders must be maintained March through August.    Electricity, water and 30 amp available for...
Corporate Whitetail Deer Lease near San Angelo,TX
United States
Updated : 01/30/2020
Price : $35,000.00 per lease
CORPORATE OR BUSINESS LEASE ONLY for one business. Best and most beautiful (and best maintained) West Texas deer ranch with large live oaks and creeks. King Ranch deer breeding from 1930s. Trophy...
Starr County Texas
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 01/29/2020
Price : $12,500.00 per gun
Looking to fill 2 spots on 7,000 acres in Starr County, Texas. The ranch is MLD and has a total number of 13 hunters, 10 "Trophy Hunters" 3 "Management Hunters." Closest town is Rio Grande City and...
South Texas Trophy Whitetail lease
United States
Updated : 02/06/2020
Price : $6,500.00 per gun
This is an annual whitetail trophy lease in South Texas that I have been managing for 15 years. The previous lease manager had it for 40 year. We are interviewing for four trophy minded hunters to...
South Texas Trophy Lease
United States
Updated : 01/22/2020
Price : $10,650.00 per gun
  We have one opening on our 5 person lease in Zapata, Tx. The Pasture is a little over 3300 and part of an 11,000 acre ranch. This is an MLD3 lease so there is an extended season. There have been...
Rockin' W Ranch
United States
Updated : 01/30/2020
Price : $38,000.00 per lease
This lease consists of 1400 acres managed since 1985. It has 8 fenced food plots planted to Turner Seed deer mix around September 10. This has a house that goes with this. The land and house is a...


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