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South Texas Webb County
United States
Updated : 09/04/2021
Price : $12,000.00 per gun
MLD 3 Well managed ranch located in Webb County in South Texas. Blinds and feeders all in place . Lodging on site. Covered parking for hunting rigs. Abundance of whitetail, quail, dove, white wing,...
South Texas Webb County Headquarters Pasture
(Featured Listing)

United States
Updated : 08/19/2021
Price : $13,000.00 per gun
We have 3 unexpected openings that won't last!! The Headquarter pasture located 15 miles west of Encinal is a 8,321 acre pasture of a 57,000+ acre ranch IN THE HEART OF SOUTH TEXAS. Making this low-...
Webb County Lease
United States
Updated : 04/07/2021
Price : $13,200.00 per gun
We may have 3 openings this year.  Last year we took our best deer so far, 186.  We are on year 7 of our feed program.  We have 16 protein pens and 13 cottonseed.  About 25 corn feeders also.  ...

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